About Us

Kella Capital

Our objective at Kella Capital is to create wealth in real estate by investing in multifamily properties with strategic opportunities. We are passionate about helping others reach their goals.

Our Team

managing partner

Krista O’Brien

Krista O’Brien is the managing partner of Kella Capital.  She’s a real estate investor with passive and active holdings of over 500 multifamily doors, with additional passive investments in single-family, condos, land, storage units, and oil & gas.

She’s earned two degrees from the University of Georgia:  a Bachelor of Consumer Economics and an MBA with concentrations in Accounting, Finance, and International Business. 

Krista’s expertise is in analyzing deals and business processes.  Prior to her career in real estate investing, she enjoyed a 30-year career in accounting and finance as a CPA in Big 4 Accounting and in Corporate Finance management in the hotel and manufacturing industries.  In addition, she is currently working towards a Masters in Real Estate Development from Auburn University.

While not at work, Krista is an active wife and mother of two.  Her leisure pursuits include exercising, reading, painting, traveling, and needlework.   Krista values intentional living in all aspects of her life and in her connections with family, friends, and business relationships.

Managing Partner

Dennis O’Brien

Dennis O’Brien is a partner of Kella Capital.  His real estate background includes flipping properties, as well as partnership investments in multifamily, storage units, condos, and single-family homes.

Dennis is also an attorney with experience in all facets of the law.  Dennis has earned two degrees – a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Georgia, and a Juris Doctor from Gonzaga University.  His background as an attorney and real estate investor allows him to analyze properties, assess risk, and review the numerous legal documents required in real estate transactions.

Married to Krista and father of two, Dennis also enjoys several leisure pursuits including CrossFit, reading, drawing, traveling, and golf.  

Real Estate Investor

Meir Sasson

Meir Sasson is a real estate investor with two decades of investment experience in the US and internationally. Meir is involved with the acquisition and management of multifamily dwellings, single-family homes, condominiums, office spaces, and medical clinics.

Meir has invested in more than 1,500 apartments as an active or passive investor nationwide and is currently acquiring and repositioning larger multifamily apartment complexes.

Meir holds a BA in Business Management, specializing in Marketing and Finance from the College of Management Academic Studies, School of Business, Israel Division. Meir also holds a degree in practical Mechanical Engineering.

Meir brings acquisition and project management skills to the team.  meir@ardenp.com

investment strategy

Kella Capital takes a conservative approach to investing with the protection of capital invested as the backbone of our strategy. Through the successful acquisition of apartment buildings with strategic opportunities, we provide opportunities for others to enjoy the benefits of apartment ownership without the hassles.

We acquire properties that are located in economically favorable markets showing strong momentum. We work with high-quality multifamily management operators to get the property stabilized and repositioned so that we can create positive cash flow. Our hold period ranges from 3 to 7+ years, depending on the property’s valuation and expected cash flow.

choosing the right area

We focus on areas with favorable key economic indicators:

  • People are moving into the area 
  • Jobs are being created 
  • Household income will support rental costs
  • Demand for rental units is increasing

selecting the right multifamily property

We focus on properties that have:

  • Opportunities to improve cash flow.
  • Opportunities for better operational management.
  • Neighborhoods as a place where tenants will want to live.

operational considerations

After purchasing, we focus on both immediate and continual needs:

  • We update properties as needed – either light improvements or full renovations.
  • We update the exterior, add amenities, and improve landscaping as needed.
  • We utilize professional management companies that offer day-to-day management of the property.
  • We have weekly meetings with the management company to stay on top of news and opportunities.
  • We conduct periodic site visits at each of our properties to stay in tune with the property and staff.

access to Team

We stay connected to our investors by providing regular updates on the investment property via email communications, on-site videos, webinars, and quarterly financials. We want to be accessible when you have questions. Whether you want to have a phone call, video conference, or meet in person, we will do what we can to answer your questions.